Morris CS8 Instructions

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Informations about the model:

Total Bricks: 208


To complete this model no third party elements are needed.


The Morris Commercial C8 was a series of military vehicles produced by the British automobile manufacturer Morris. The first vehicle came into production in 1934. The truck for general use was the most common version, but there were also versions as tankers for water and fuel, as radio and office wagon. Production ceased in 1941. This was the most used vehicle in this category with the British Army.


Note: This purchase is for the building instructions and a graphic and numbered partslist in pdf format and a xml file, to create an easy Bricklink wishlist, only.


Scale: about 1/35

Designer: Galug (@Galugthebuilder on Instagram)


Desert Camo, Dark Bluish Gray

2 reviews for Morris CS8 Instructions

  1. bobyayan (verified owner)

    The design is totally flawed at step 3, as the 3mm hollow tube cannot thrust into the technical piece# 15100. SO the whole underpart needs to be revised.

  2. Ryan Bentley (verified owner)

    Same issue as the previous review. Step 3 just does not work. I’m not sure if there’s maybe a slight difference in
    the mold for those parts that makes some work and others not. But no matter how many different bricks I tried, I just can’t get it to work.

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