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Informations about the model:

Total Bricks: 388 (including tracklinks)

The M114 was a lightweight, low-silhouette vehicle in command and reconnaissance roles. It looked like a sleeker, lower M113. It was constructed of aluminum and weighed 13,100 lb empty, with a combat weight of 15,093 lb . It was powered by a Chevrolet  V-8 engine with a 283 cubic inch (4.6 liters) displacement. The engine was rated at 160 horsepower. It had a three-man crew, and a top speed of 36 mph (58 km/h). It could swim, propelled by its tracks, and was light enough to be transported by cargo aircraft and dropped by parachute.

(Source: https://midwestmilitaryequipment.com/)

Note: This purchase is for the building instructions and a graphic and numbered partslist in pdf format and a xml file, to create an easy Bricklink wishlist, only.


Scale: about 1/35

Designer: Joseph Heuer (@polskabricks on Instagram)


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