Horten Ho 229 Instructions

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Informations about the model:
Total Bricks: 512

To complete this model no third party elements are needed.

The Horten Ho 229 was a German prototype fighter/bomber initially designed by Reimar and Walter Horten late in World War II. It was the first flying wing to be powered by jet engines. The first prototype flew on 1 March 1944. It never saw real combat.

Note: This purchase is for the building instructions and a graphic and numbered partslist in pdf format and a xml file, to create an easy Bricklink wishlist, only.

Scale: about 1/35
Designer: Jan Beetz (@kaelfros on Instagram)


2 reviews for Horten Ho 229 Instructions

  1. Alan Romero (verified owner)

    Great aircraft! The build was straightforward and the final product is mostly stable (barring some loose bricks I already had laying around) and surprisingly swooshable despite being so wide. The built in decals are a nice touch, and the colorscheme makes it stand out in the sea of gray MOCs. Beware of dust though!
    Thank you for such a great build!

  2. themainDude (verified owner)

    Such a great build. No illegal building techniques, everything fits. Strong conections and everything holds well.

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