New Releases week 52

n this last day of 2021 we wish all our followers, customers, colleagues, fellow Military Lego companies and especially our friends a lot of health, luck and happiness for 2022. But before stepping in to the next year we do three more new releases for you.

Before introducing these new models, we first want to let you all know that, after a year where our whole team worked so hard to give you new releases every week, we decided to give our whole team a brake of designing for the whole month of January. We will use this time to get some rest, focus on our loved ones, but also come up with great new products to be released in 2022. There will also be a new contest in January (as soon as we hit 8K followers on Instagram). But enough talking, let us introduce this weeks new releases!

First: the French WW2 Laffly S20TL PC (Poste de Commandement or Command Post) designed by Spartane.

Next: the Winter camo version of the WW2 German Jagdpanther which was in our store in Ambush Camo already. This one is also designed by Jan

And last but not least the micro version of the Bachem Ba 349 “Natter”. Last week we released the 1/35 scale version of this rocket plane, but Jan also designed it a little bit smaller!

Building instructions to all these models are now for sale in our store

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