New Releases week 50

We have a nice line up for you this week. Let us show them to you.

First: The German WW2 era Opel Blitz designed by Galug. This is an completely updated version of the model we had in our store from nearly the start of OmahaBricks. Galug designed it in Military dark bluish gray, desert tan and our first civilian version ever!

Next is the second Alternate History model. The Kampfläufer I Ausf C mit Wurfrahmen 40 Stuka zou Fuss designed by Dean. Check out the full story behind this one here.

Next is the Cold War Soviet Pt-76 designed by our Cold War expert Joseph. This model was test build but never really tried if it will float, we leave that up to you. 

Last but not least we have the WW2 Soviet Battlin’ Bricks SU-85 designed by Jan. A great model to use in your game of MicroBrickBattle 

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