Interview with designer Erwin Lindner (@worldwar2inlego)

In this series we want to introduce some of our designers by interviewing them. Today we will be talking with Erwin Lindner, also known as worldwar2inlego on instagram. Erwin one of our Battlin’ Bricks and Battlin’ Bricks City designers.

Erwin, for most regular OmahaBricks customers you are know for your really cool micro scaled models. But Why don’t you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Sure thing! I’m almost 18 living in Minnesota (USA) with interests ouside of Lego including distance sports. I really love cross country and recently got to participate in my 5th USATF Junior Olympics in the 5k where I placed 9th!!! Outside of the cross country season, I usually do nordic skiing and track as year- round distance training. Other than that, I really like to go backpacking during the summer which can be especially fun up near the Canadian border or in the Rocky Mountains.

Did you play with Lego as a kid? And if so, can you remember which set was your first one?

I think I can proudly say that I have uninterruptedly played with plastic blocks in one form or another since I could hold stuff. However, due to this aspect I cannot with certanty say what would’ve been my first real Lego set as I was known to get both Duplo and normal Lego when first starting out. I would have to place my best guess with either Lego City set 7246- Mini Digger or Duplo set 4967- Fire Helicopter as those two stick out most in my mind as likely candidates.

When it comes to sets that Lego releases, what is favorite theme currently or from the past?

Currently I’d say my favorite themes are Architecture (have to agree with Ryan on this theme) I really love the how the theme turns the Lego into an art form that can be displayed around the house as if it were a scupture. I used to like the sets that focused on speciffic buildings such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Linclon Memorial, but have come to love the skyline series way more. I really like the Tokyo and San Fransico ones, something about their use of a wide range of colors and incorperating the natural landscape into the model (steep hills of San Francisco or Mount Fuji) is something that I enjoy alot about the two of them. I also really like the Creator Expert line, I have a particular soft- spot for the floral line although I have yet to buy one. Other than those two lines, I buy the odd space- themed Lego Ideas set (I think I have every one of those save the Curiosity rover and the Hayabusa spacecraft)

How did you end up in the wonderfull world of military Lego?

I think I really got into the Lego military community following seeing Christopher Nolan’s 2017 “Dunkirk”. The visuals were so stunning that I really wanted to recreate the beach in Lego with parts from my own collection.

Why did you join the OmahaBricks team?

I kind of stumbled upon the company through Jan. I was really into the 1/120 scale Micro Brick Batlle models from Brickmania, and absolutely adored Jan’s twist on the scale with his own self- designed buildings that added a MOC aspect to the scale. And so I joined the team with the hope of being able to build- off (pun not intended) of Jan’s ideas for the scale.

Do you have a favorite Lego part you use for your designs?

I’d have to say that the 1×2 plate modified with jumper stud has got to be my favorite, I really comes in clutch for off- setting stuff like the liftarms used for tracks and just in general can create the tiny extensions that help create the general silhouette of the vehicle of interest.

Dark Bluish Gray is clearly the most used Lego color in all our designs, but which other color do you like to use?

Hmmm, I would have to say tan and dark tan. These were the two colors that I was in need of the most while building Dunkirk and I’ve kind of become fixated on them ever since. Unnecessarily ordering them out of fear that I don’t have enough of them (in fact I think that those are the two colors that are most complete on my part wall).

Which of your own designs in the OmahaBricks store are you the most proud?

Definitely either my Crusader or Russian Farmhouse. The crusader was the very first thing that I designed myself for a North Africa MOC and have reused it alot in mini MOCs. The Farmhouse has a lot of color and variation to it, there is not one part of the model that feels uninteresting to look at. It definitely feels like a model that could stand on its own.

And finaly, can you give a little spoiler of one model you are going to release at OmahaBricks in the near future?

I think its time that I tried my hand at 1/120 aircraft. After all, someone needs to keep tabs on troop movement.

Thanks Erwin for this interview, we are pretty sure that your next release will be as awesome as all the ones you already designed for Omahabricks.

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