How to buy your LEGO parts on in 3 Easy Steps!

How to get started

Sometimes learning how to order the parts for our kits on can be tricky for new members of the LEGO® Community.Don’t worry, here’s a walk-through guide to help you out.

Let’s start! Let’s begin with some informations first; all our digital instructions are sold as PDF files and XML partslists, this tutorial will be focused on the partslists.


Step 1: Create a Wanted List on Bricklink

All uploads of partlists must go through Bricklink’s Wanted Lists. We strongly advise to create a new Wanted List for each kit you are looking to buy, as it will save you a lot of headaches in the event that you decide to check for missing parts in one of your orders.

In order to create a Wanted List, hover on the heart-shaped button in the top right corner of Bricklink’s homepage and select “Wanted List”

Step 2: Upload the XML partslist on Bricklink

Hover on the heart-shaped icon in the top right corner and select “Upload”

​ ​Select “Upload Bricklink XML format” and then open the instructions folder and click to open the “XML” file

(we suggest using a text editor like Microsoft Word or Pages on iOS systems to avoid any issue).


Click the button near “Add to” and select “Create New Wanted List”, then give the new Wanted List a name to identify it. ​

Step 3: Copy and paste the .xml code on Bricklink

Select and Copy ALL the lines of the”XML” code.

Paste all the lines of the XML on Bricklink in the box highlighted in Blue, then click “Proceed to verify items”, once the new page loads, click “Add to Wanted List”.

Your Partslist is ready!

Note: Sometimes you will get a “Invalid File Format: Content is not allowed in prolog.” It’s not a big issue, check if the code looks like the one above, it will likely have some (SPACE)s between each line of the code, just remove the spaces and the file will be okay. If you still get the message, check if you missed even some bits of the code even just a “>”. 

In the event that you can’t figure out why you keep getting the same error, make sure that you opened the file using a text editor like Microsoft Word or Pages on iOS or try to upload the partslist from a Mobile Device (Tablet or Smartphone)

​​Step 4: Let’s BUY the Parts!

​Once you’ve created the partslist, ordering the LEGO® bricks is pretty easy.

Hover again on the heart-shaped icon in the top right corner and select “Wanted List” and then click on the Wanted List you would like to buy.

​You reached the Store page.

LET’S ORDER THE PARTS You can order your parts in 2 different ways:

#1 Click on the “Auto-select” button”, Bricklink will find you all the shops that can provide you the parts.

Be aware that sometimes the Auto-Select Algorithom will choose larger stores that add charges to your order.

#2 Click on the “Select” buttons”until the number of “Unique Lots” is zero. Note: This second way will provide you all the parts you need, usually from fewer sellers and at a cheaper price.

​ Once you’ve selected all the stores you need, click on the Create Carts button


Bricklink is a multi-store marketplace, you won’t be able to buy all the parts in a single place, when you order parts, you will alwalys buy from 2 or more sellers..


In the store filters, you can set up filters to suit your preferences; we suggest to buy locally, avoid stores in different continents otherwise High Shipping costs and Tariffs will apply.

2024 Bricklink Parts Number Error Quick Fix 

Following the recent January 2024 update, Bricklink removed a few of the variations for some of the bricks, specifically:

Item No: 3062b;

Item No: 3068b;

Item No: 3069b;

Item No: 3070b;


While we are working change the affected files, by updating the designs that feature those parts (which is a tedious an long task in itself, as we have a catalog of more than 450 products in stock), we are providing you a quick solution on how to get around the error on your own, if you don want to wait for long.

First open your partslist using a text editor software like Pages or Microsoft word. We are now going to remove the bits that are causing the error, which is the letter “b” in the part numbers mentioned above (i.e. the last letter for Item No: 3068b and all the other 3 items). Once the file is displayed, scroll through the lines of the code, when you find the affected items, which are going to be displayed between two arrows like here: <3069b>, just remove the letter b. The items should then look like <3062>, <3068>, <3069>, <3070>.

After you removed all the affected items, save the XML file and upload it on Bricklink as usual.