Alternate History Background

“Die Überquerung” (“The Crossing”) of September 1941 was a significant event which led to a major shift in the pace of arms devopment during the Second World War.

This event marked the first major breakthrough achieved by the occult practices carried out by the SS forces stationed at Wewelsburg Castle. In it, the Nazis were able to open a portal across time and space and send a representative to a far more technologically-superior alternate universe.

Because the portal could not be kept open due to limited resources, the plan was to allow the agent 24 hours of reconnaissance before re-opening an identical portal to allow him to return with his findings. What the Nazis did not account for was the time dilation effect, which actually left the representative in the other world for almost an entire year. Nevertheless, he not only managed to survive, but was even able to infiltrate the ranks of one of the most advanced PMCs of the other world.

When the agent returned, he brought with him designs and documentation for some of that world’s most groundbreaking vehicles and technology. Chief among his findings were the plans for high-grade hydraulic actuators, ultracompact engines, and autoloading mechanisms which would eventually allow Germany’s Waffenamt to begin development of a brand-new combat arm: the “Läuferkorps”, or “Walker Corps”.

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